Yet Again!

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!

Wow the Sheeple have spoken!!!

They said “We don’t care even a little bit!!!”

“Go ahead piss our money away!!”

The town meeting last night at the Sauble Community Center, was sparsely populated!

With the exception of a yesterdays news politicians and a group of really pissed off residents from Elsinore Road who wanted the new road they have waited 30 years for, the meeting accomplished nothing!!!

Oh yes they batted around the airport and expressed disgust at spending any money on the only real asset of any value in this town!

I went home shaking my head at the complacency! As for Council I thanked them for 0% increase and for having the patience of Jove!

Big fights over the parking at Sauble and fights over who got more money for what ever!


I went home to bed and had a dream I dreamt I died and went to a place that was a huge hallway, at the the end of the hall was two doors: One had a sign that said in big bold letters “SUPER SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITIES”  which I will call door #1,,  the other door said “JUST PRETEND WANNABEES!” which I will call door #2.

Being the type of guy I am, I entered door #2! Upon entry I saw these long tables piled up with food, every thing you could possible want! A feast! Down each side of the tables were people with these large long spoons taped to their arms from their shoulders down to their wrists. No matter how hard they tried they could not bend their arms. Because they couldn’t bend their arms they spilled food everywhere except into their mouths. The people looked like they were starvings, thin pasty and fading away! They all were fighting with each other and complaining, begging for help and talking about how things should be! I got the hell out of there!

I entered Door number one,“SUPER SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITIES”! The room was exactly the same as the other room, huge tables with every known food to man! The people had the same spoons as the other room taped to their arms but yet these people were all healthy and happy! A bell rang out and the folks on the left side of the table began using their spoons to feed the people on the right side of the table and the people on the right side were feeding the people on the left side! I GOT MYSELF A SPOON!!!

Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

Guess we know which door was the TSBP!!!!