Yet Again!

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!

Wow the Sheeple have spoken!!!

They said “We don’t care even a little bit!!!”

“Go ahead piss our money away!!”

The town meeting last night at the Sauble Community Center, was sparsely populated!

With the exception of a yesterdays news politicians and a group of really pissed off residents from Elsinore Road who wanted the new road they have waited 30 years for, the meeting accomplished nothing!!!

Oh yes they batted around the airport and expressed disgust at spending any money on the only real asset of any value in this town!

I went home shaking my head at the complacency! As for Council I thanked them for 0% increase and for having the patience of Jove!

Big fights over the parking at Sauble and fights over who got more money for what ever!


I went home to bed and had a dream I dreamt I died and went to a place that was a huge hallway, at the the end of the hall was two doors: One had a sign that said in big bold letters “SUPER SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITIES”  which I will call door #1,,  the other door said “JUST PRETEND WANNABEES!” which I will call door #2.

Being the type of guy I am, I entered door #2! Upon entry I saw these long tables piled up with food, every thing you could possible want! A feast! Down each side of the tables were people with these large long spoons taped to their arms from their shoulders down to their wrists. No matter how hard they tried they could not bend their arms. Because they couldn’t bend their arms they spilled food everywhere except into their mouths. The people looked like they were starvings, thin pasty and fading away! They all were fighting with each other and complaining, begging for help and talking about how things should be! I got the hell out of there!

I entered Door number one,“SUPER SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITIES”! The room was exactly the same as the other room, huge tables with every known food to man! The people had the same spoons as the other room taped to their arms but yet these people were all healthy and happy! A bell rang out and the folks on the left side of the table began using their spoons to feed the people on the right side of the table and the people on the right side were feeding the people on the left side! I GOT MYSELF A SPOON!!!

Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

Guess we know which door was the TSBP!!!!







Budget Meeting Tonite!!!

Just a reminder there’s a public meeting tonite at 7:00 at Sauble!

If you are not  there you don’t care!!! So There!

Be there it is your money!!



The Cost of Policing??

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!

Now w hat the hell is this! Over 2 million a year to the OPP to Police the Town of South Bruce Peninsula????

We pay and the Province takes all the revenue??

Think about it, you get a speeding ticket and the Province gets the fine money!

So let me think about that for a minute…. we pay for the 100,000 SUV’s the guns, the SWAT teams the $75,000 per year constables, the million dollar police station, the 80 percent pensions and all the fine money goes to the Province! Talk about double dipping!!

With the Province getting all the revenue maybe we should get the fine money!!!

Where do they get off! I would love to have a business where all my costs are paid and I just get the revenue??

Do we even have any idea how much they get in fines each year?

In 2010 there was 52 million dollars  in victim  surcharges which is 15% of fines collected! So doing reverse math that says there is around $260 million dollars in traffic fines each year.

The Liberal government  says there is over a billion dollars outstanding in unpaid traffic fines! Got so much they don’t care about what falls on the floor!

So why are we paying them again for policing???? They should be paying us for the right to fine our drivers on our roads in our community!!!

In the City of Toronto, approximately 2.8 million tickets are issued each year and the City collects the fines associated with almost 82 % of all tickets issued, representing annual revenues of approximately $80 Million.

Now I know we are not as big as Toronto but the numbers have to be way up there up here! And they want us to pay them to enforce their laws and collect their fines.

God we are suckers!!! We pay they stay!!!

Just think about it! We pay for everything and they get the gold!!

The only difference between the Ontario Government and the Mafia is that the Ontario Government gives you a receipt!!!

Now if we are about 10% of the Province there should be about $25 million per year in fines generated in this area each year. So wouldn’t it be fair if we took $2 million from the fine revenue to pay our policing costs??

Hey I am just saying we should be getting our share!! Not paying for them to enforce their laws on us!!!











It is Time To Get Started!!!

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!








for a luncheon meeting to discuss a plan of attach for change in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula in the upcoming municipal election.

Three Guest Speakers to be announced.

If we don’t start now things will remain the same and likely get worse!!!

The Budget

The Airport


Wind Turbines


Limited seating book your seat Lunch served $12.00.

Be there or shut the hell up!



Duffy’s reserves the right to restrict attendance.

Call 519-377-3197 for your reservation.


So What About The Natives????

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!

What’s the deal with the natives and Sauble Beach???? Everyone asks and no one answers!!!

Well I don’t know what went on but I understand that the Feds have made an agreement giving the majority of the Beach to the Natives.

If that is indeed fact I say great lets merge with the Aboriginals!!! The only difference we as taxpayers would see is who we write our cheques to!

They can’t do any worse than what we have! Actually I think it would be better! Elections every two years instead of four!

The fact of the matter is, we as Canadians have no property rights to begin with! Thank you Mr. Trudeau!!

If we have no property rights and only the right to pay taxes what difference does it make??

Natives don’t pay taxes I am in for that!!

The Feds mandated that every Reserve in Canada shall have sewers and water on the Feds dime! Lets surrender now and solve the the problem once and for all insofar as TSBP is concerned!

Remember the Natives never surrendered! They allowed the white man to come onto their land and shared it unconditionally! Live and let live! The British were masters of this form of conquer all over the world! In Africa they say “when the British came we had the land and they had the Bible, today we have the bible”!

On the Peninsula, the land was never surrendered! The Governor, appointed by the King of the day, offered land by way of Patent to anyone that would come and settle here!  Yes there were treaties usually signed after the Governor and the boys divvied up the swag, then had a party for their new best friends the Aboriginals, with free food and drink for three or four days before the Governor or  his appointee came to sign off!

The Patents themselves varied with each piece of property. Generally it was 250 to 265 acres and certain rights were retained such as the right to passage over the land or the rights to gold or water Etc.

The documents were generally poorly written and the consideration minimal at best.

The white man came and raped the land and pretty much destroyed the wild life, the water, the timber and the air! The Natives never had any of the problems we created! Seems to me that they were much better at managing things than the goofs we have in charge!!!

The British trained us well!

The Natives have cried foul and made land claims and I say good for them!! I only wish they would let us us join them, but they are smarter than that they wouldn’t take us!!!

Perhaps we should declare war on them and surrender immediately!!

The point to remember is that our Charter DOES NOT PROVIDE THE RIGHT OF OWNERSHIP! We as Canadians only have the right to pay taxes! If you don’t pay they take the land!

Universal Declaration of Rights

Article 17.

  • (1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
  • (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Proceedings of Parliament
  •  (1) Everyone has the right to use English or French in any debates and other proceedings of Parliament. (86)

Nope don’t see no property rights there!

In Aboriginal Culture, the problem people were expelled from the community, we in our culture give the problem people a monthly cheque, a place to live and a social worker to help them deal with the hardship they have.How do I become Aboriginal???

So you can bitch and moan all you want about the Indians getting every thing for nothing, but I think they paid dearly for being far too nice!!!

If they got the Beach the more power to them!!!








You the Sheeple!!!

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!

Ya know, I listen every day to folks that complain about government, (imagine that) We are over taxed, over regulated, over governed!

So I sit here and write my thoughts and speak my mind and folks read it!

They don’t do anything else!

Get off your ass and do something, write something back!

My god You don”t know what you have until it is gone!!! Well it is going fast boys and girls!

When the creators quit creating where will you be!! If you don’t respond the people that create lose interest and go where they are appreciated and get input!

Wake up!!!!  Say something the silence is deafening! Are you all afraid to write!! Are you all happy with the way things are going??

I had an argument with one of Council members today and told him that I think that the banning of Craig Gammie was just wrong! We agreed to disagree but dam it Gammie has the right to speak! I don’t always agree with Craig but he has a right to say what he thinks and for a democratic system to ban him from public meetings is bullshit!!!(Also known as fascism)

I was told that the staff felt threatened by him well tough shit, you take a paycheck to do your job and your job is to service the taxpayers! If you let things escalate to the point that Your employer is a threat then call a cop or shut the hell up!!!

Maybe we should just ban everyone from meetings, let the monkeys run the zoo!Pass a regulation where no one can talk to town employees unless they smile!! You know like MPACC, secret offices that only allow you in if you make an appointment!!

Ban blogs cause I know there are some that think freedom of speech is only allowed if it is politically correct and you agree with everything they say or do and if you don’t spend 40 or 50 grand defending your right to speak your mind.

You only get as good a government as you allow dam it!!!

Let them rule the roost and you will have no rights!!! But what the hell most won;t complain about that, they might get sued!!! God Forbid!!






Bankers, Lawyers and Thieves!


Bruce the Blight

I had the misfortune of attending a Government seminar this morning at the Grey Roots complex in Owen Sound! Wow there is two hours of my life that I will never recover!!! Why did I do that???

I have to say I was curious as the Festivities were in fact announcing grants for business from the Provincial Government (The Thieves in the head line)

The Simple Serpents making the presentation were dressed to the nines! There were  ten of them.They had this big screen and made power point presentations of funding available for small business, oh but Owen Sound operators were not allowed to apply!

That’s right they gave a presentation in Owen Sound about grants that were not available in Owen Sound!!! Go figure!!!

There were about forty people there, and of those I talked to, about 80 percent were Simple Serpents working in economic development! HMMMM!

I kinda sorta felt a little like a rabbit in a den of foxes!

Now being the grumpy old fart that I am, I had to ponder what the hell was this all about??? The parking lot was full of government cars and trucks, there were about ten big shots all slicked up handing out photocopies of the slide presentation that was up on that there big  screen and these pretty people talking about how they would give grants to small and big business as they read off the text that was up on the screen!!!

If you read the shit on the screen you found out how they would make a grant of up to 10% of the project cost after you spent the money and after you were approved provided you don’t spend anything until you have been approved and that was subject to claw backs if you didn’t make the projections that you proposed in order to get the grant. It should be noted that  you had to apply online and it would take 60 days to process your application!!!

So let me think about that for a minute….. 50 Simple Serpents all making 60,000 plus, driving $50,000 cars, in a government building handing out 10 page brochures about programs that were not available in the community they were meeting in and ya got lunch if you managed not to fall asleep. Your Tax Dollars at work!!!

When I asked what projects had been approved they managed to tell me that there were about six already approved but they didn’t remember the names or locations of the approved grants.

Now if you or I were to go into a government office and ask for photocopies of something, they would ask for .25 per page and wouldn’t give you lunch!. Go figure. But you can go to a free seminar and pick up 10 packages of a slide show consisting of 10 pages each for ten different programs and get lunch for free!! Hell of a deal!!!

I didn’t stay for lunch as I had to go and get some work done unlike some!!

Thank you Katy Wynn for the most informative waste of time on my dime!!