Say Good Nite Hienz!!


And so it begins! Or ends!!!

109 years in business in Leamington, employing 750 people now gone!

Hienz is closing its plant in Ontario!! Go figure!

An employee in South America makes about $4.oo per day, in Canada they make $150.00 per day plus benitfits what do you think is gonna happen!

Government regulations, high taxation, huge competition, spells the end to free enterprize in Canada, and subsequently our life style.

Look at your hydro bill, there are three times consumption charges, in user fees, debt retirement charges etc. Why in gods name would you stay here to do business when you can move your operation to Mexico or Peru or Brazil and cut your costs dramaticly.

Rev Canada up your ass, Ministry of Labour, M.O.E., Workmans Comp.,  M.T.O, M.P.A.C. where does it end.

I know a plant here that wants to expand, god knows why, but Niagara Escarpment is blocking them!

It is time to bail my friends! Or Starve to death!! However we could just follow the herd, stay intact and die a slow death!!!

As our manufacturing sector errodes away, who do you think is going to pay all them Simple Serpants??

Those nice trucks and fancy offices are going to replace your colour TV and  new car!!!

Next time you are at Timmies talk about what we are going to lose and not about what we have, cause “We is headin for the Rubarb Martha” faster then ya think!

Mayor Fords life is gonna look good compared to where this Province/Country is headed!!






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