You the Sheeple!!!

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!

Ya know, I listen every day to folks that complain about government, (imagine that) We are over taxed, over regulated, over governed!

So I sit here and write my thoughts and speak my mind and folks read it!

They don’t do anything else!

Get off your ass and do something, write something back!

My god You don”t know what you have until it is gone!!! Well it is going fast boys and girls!

When the creators quit creating where will you be!! If you don’t respond the people that create lose interest and go where they are appreciated and get input!

Wake up!!!!  Say something the silence is deafening! Are you all afraid to write!! Are you all happy with the way things are going??

I had an argument with one of Council members today and told him that I think that the banning of Craig Gammie was just wrong! We agreed to disagree but dam it Gammie has the right to speak! I don’t always agree with Craig but he has a right to say what he thinks and for a democratic system to ban him from public meetings is bullshit!!!(Also known as fascism)

I was told that the staff felt threatened by him well tough shit, you take a paycheck to do your job and your job is to service the taxpayers! If you let things escalate to the point that Your employer is a threat then call a cop or shut the hell up!!!

Maybe we should just ban everyone from meetings, let the monkeys run the zoo!Pass a regulation where no one can talk to town employees unless they smile!! You know like MPACC, secret offices that only allow you in if you make an appointment!!

Ban blogs cause I know there are some that think freedom of speech is only allowed if it is politically correct and you agree with everything they say or do and if you don’t spend 40 or 50 grand defending your right to speak your mind.

You only get as good a government as you allow dam it!!!

Let them rule the roost and you will have no rights!!! But what the hell most won;t complain about that, they might get sued!!! God Forbid!!







37 thoughts on “You the Sheeple!!!

  1. Bruce it would appear THE MAN has won???

  2. yabder4 says:

    Quit your bellyaching. Get rid of that picture that is overbearing and insulting and you may get a few responses. It was funny at first, but the pic is old and tired. it cheapens the blog. just my 2 cents worth 😉

    • Believe me I am not belly aching!
      As for my image You are as you are perceived to be!
      The Simple Serpants and politicians treat us like hicks so..
      I like my picture and since I am a hick it is what it is if you are insulted then I guess I am making my point!!!


  3. saublejoe says:

    I am not this “sheeple” you refer too. I have had an issue with the beach, and have been in contact with Janice Jackson, The Mayor, Bill Walker, the MNR, and a few others many times over the past year, with some limited victories, and a lot of losses. Just because I don’t report it to you, doesn’t mean that there isn’t action happening.

    Re Craig Gammie…… well, he is his own worst enemy. How can I take anything from him seriously when he listens to nothing other than the own voices in his head? I agree with a lot of his ideas, but, when he considers only his views as correct, it becomes hard to talk to him. He’s a wall. Plus, when every second post from him is how bad he is being treated, after he stirs it up, well, how can anyone take him serious.

    I had hope for this blog initially, but it’s not a board for discussion. It seems like it is a soapbox for Craig’s ideas, with no room for discussion.

    • Joe
      Craig is no longer posting articles I am!
      I know you are fighting the fight 100 percent and I support you equally!

      Bill walker has surprised me! He seems to be shining hell I may even pay my membership up!

      But I do say you are the exception to the rule! But I expect nothing less from a creator, as you are one of the few I have had the honor to meet!
      As for Craig, he does have a right to voice his opinion like anyone else! Right or wrong!
      Your battle goes on and I am behind you!


      • saublejoe says:

        I’m glad you are posting more now….

        Mr. Walkers office really has been helping with contacting the MNR, and following up. I was VERY surprised. Not like the Town Office, which treat us like peons.

        I know everyone is entitled to their opinion. Damn, i’m opinionated as hell. Craig too.

      • It is what it is Joe! Only we can change things!
        The Provincial Government is one of the worst abusers!!!We need to defend ourselves against this type of dictatorship!
        It is going to get worse if folks don’t speak up!!

  4. Bruce enough dancing are with the sheeple thing. When are you going to start talking about the elephant. You know that big elephant in the room Indian land claims in north Sauble Beach?

  5. cuvava says:




    UTILITY COMPANY SENTENCED IN WYOMING FOR KILLING PROTECTED BIRDS AT WIND PROJECTS ______________________________________________________________________________FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ENRDFRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2013 (202) 514-2007WWW.JUSTICE.GOV TTY (866) 544-5309 UTILITY COMPANY SENTENCED IN WYOMING FOR KILLING PROTECTED BIRDS AT WIND PROJECTS WASHINGTON – Duke Energy Renewables Inc., a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corp., based in Charlotte, N.C., pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Wyoming today to violating the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) in connection with the deaths of protected birds, including golden eagles, at two of the company’s wind projects in Wyoming. This case represents the first ever criminal enforcement of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act for unpermitted avian takings at wind projects. Under a plea agreement with the government, the company was sentenced to pay fines, restitution and community service totaling $1 million and was placed on probation for five years, during which it must implement an environmental compliance plan aimed at preventing bird deaths at the company’s four commercial wind projects in the state. The company is also required to apply for an Eagle Take Permit which, if granted, will provide a framework for minimizing and mitigating the deaths of golden eagles at the wind projects. The charges stem from the discovery of 14 golden eagles and 149 other protected birds, including hawks, blackbirds, larks, wrens and sparrows by the company at its “Campbell Hill” and “Top of the World” wind projects in Converse County between 2009 and 2013. The two wind projects are comprised of 176 large wind turbines sited on private agricultural land. According to the charges and other information presented in court, Duke Energy Renewables Inc. failed to make all reasonable efforts to build the projects in a way that would avoid the risk of avian deaths by collision with turbine blades, despite prior warnings about this issue from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). However, the company cooperated with the USFWS investigation and has already implemented measures aimed at minimizing avian deaths at the sites. “This case represents the first criminal conviction under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act for unlawful avian takings at wind projects,” said Robert G. Dreher, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division. “In this plea agreement, Duke Energy Renewables acknowledges that it constructed these wind projects in a manner it knew beforehand would likely result in avian deaths. To its credit, once the projects came on line and began causing avian deaths, Duke took steps to minimize the hazard, and with this plea agreement has committed to an extensive compliance plan to minimize bird deaths at its Wyoming facilities and to devote resources to eagle preservation and rehabilitation efforts.” “The Service works cooperatively with companies that make all reasonable efforts to avoid killing migratory birds during design, construction and operation of industrial facilities,” said William Woody, Assistant Director for Law Enforcement of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “But we will continue to investigate and refer for prosecution cases in which companies – in any sector, including the wind industry – fail to comply with the laws that protect the public’s wildlife resources.” More than 1,000 species of birds, including bald and golden eagles, are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). The MBTA, enacted in 1918, implements this country’s commitments under avian protection treaties with Great Britain (for Canada), Mexico, Japan and Russia. The MBTA provides a misdemeanor criminal sanction for the unpermitted taking of a listed species by any means and in any manner, regardless of fault. The maximum penalty for an unpermitted corporate taking under the MBTA is $15,000 or twice the gross gain or loss resulting from the offense, and five years’ probation. According to papers filed with the court, commercial wind power projects can cause the deaths of federally protected birds in four primary ways: collision with wind turbines, collision with associated meteorological towers, collision with, or electrocution by, associated electrical power facilities, and nest abandonment or behavior avoidance from habitat modification. Collision and electrocution risks from power lines (collisions and electrocutions) and guyed structures (collision) have been known to the utility and communication industries for decades, and specific methods of minimizing and avoiding the risks have been developed, in conjunction with the USFWS. The USFWS issued its first interim guidance about how wind project developers could avoid impacts to wildlife from wind turbines in 2003, and replaced these with a “tiered” approach outlined in the Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines (2012 LBWEGs), developed with the wind industry starting in 2007 and released in final form by the USFWS on March 23, 2012. The Service also released Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance in April 2013 and strongly recommends that companies planning or operating wind power facilities in areas where eagles occur work with the agency to implement that guidance completely. For wind projects, due diligence during the pre-construction stage—as described in the 2003 Interim Guidelines and tiers I through III in the 2012 LBWEGs—by surveying the wildlife present in the proposed project area, consulting with agency professionals, determining whether the risk to wildlife is too high to justify proceeding and, if not, carefully siting turbines so as to avoid and minimize the risk as much as possible, is critically important because, unlike electric distribution equipment and guyed towers, at the present time, no post-construction remedies, except “curtailment” (i.e., shut-down), have been developed that can “render safe” a wind turbine placed in a location of high avian collision risk. Other experimental measures to reduce prey, detect and deter avian proximity to turbines are being tested. In the western United States, golden eagles may be particularly susceptible to wind turbine blade collision by wind power facilities constructed in areas of high eagle use. The $400,000 fine imposed in the case will be directed to the federally-administered North American Wetlands Conservation Fund. The company will also pay $100,000 in restitution to the State of Wyoming, and perform community service by making a $160,000 payment to the congressionally-chartered National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, designated for projects aimed at preserving golden eagles and increasing the understanding of ways to minimize and monitor interactions between eagles and commercial wind power facilities, as well as enhance eagle rehabilitation and conservation efforts in Wyoming. Duke Energy Renewables is also required to contribute $340,000 to a conservation fund for the purchase of land, or conservation easements on land, in Wyoming containing high-use golden eagle habitat, which will be preserved and managed for the benefit of that species. The company must implement a migratory bird compliance plan containing specific measures to avoid and minimize golden eagle and other avian wildlife mortalities at company’s four commercial wind projects in Wyoming. According to papers filed with the court, Duke Energy Renewables will spend approximately $600,000 per year implementing the compliance plan. Within 24 months, the company must also apply to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a Programmatic Eagle Take Permit at each of the two wind projects cited in the case. The case was investigated by Special Agents of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and prosecuted by Senior Counsel Robert S. Anderson of the Justice Department’s Environmental Crimes Section of the Environment and Natural Resources Division and Assistant U.S. attorney Jason Conder of the District of Wyoming.

  6. Bruce get the Banana to land some piping plovers all over the Bruce then she won’t have to worry about wind turbines.

  7. cuvava says:


  8. cuvava says:


    I would leave Bananas and Plovers alone , here’s more serious stuff to think and talk about.
    Toronto Coun. John Filion was in Dundalk on Thursday and say, Politicians and Public must work together !

    I for one completely agree with that statement,unfortunately that is not practiced.

    All is well before the election, when the election is over the situation change.

    I like to know WHY ?


    • Until the Sheeple get off their ass and take contro there ain’t shit gonna happen or change!
      Politicians today are all talk until n election and then they are just all talk!
      Face it we are driven by simple serpants waiting for their pension!
      John Q. Public has to get involved and take it back!!

  9. Alice says:

    I got a nice email yesterday from the nice folks at yesterday informing me of the 2014 budget public engagement session to be held:

    Thursday, November 28 from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Sauble Beach Community Centre, 27 Community Centre Drive

    Thought I would post this here in hopes of encouraging some sheeple to come to the meeting and engage our council. I’m not convinced that the Town really wants a lot of people there as they have not made much noise about this meeting ,,, the only one in which the public gets a chance to say anything.

    Glad to see you are posting again; I think you lost a lot of readership when the only posts were from Mr. Gammie. I value his opinion but prefer when there is more discussion happening. The election is not too far off and I am already seeing decisions that seem more politically, rather than fiscally, motivated.


  10. cuvava says:

    Sorry Alice,

    No recording ! This council have a resolution, that no one can record the town’s meetings except for journalists.Can you imagine that ?

  11. cuvava says:

    Sorry,It is not resolution, it is by-law with two readings passed in October and is waiting for a third and final reading.

  12. Get Craig the sheriff of Sauble Beach to do it. On second thought maybe not he got caught last time.

  13. cuvava says:

    35. Items Referred — CLK99-2013

    Procedural By-Law 106-2013
    Council discussed the recording of meetings. They discussed people recording and
    editing recordings.

    Mayor Close explained that Council has received emails and
    complaints about people photographing the gallery; members of the gallery do not
    appreciate that happening. It could be posted that during Council sessions, all
    electronic devices be turned off. If we want to add these provisions, the by-law should
    15 be further deferred. Something would need to be added that would permit the Town to
    take pictures when they wanted to photograph.

    It was Moved by J. Turner, Seconded by C. Thomas and Withdrawn

    That the Procedural By-Law (By-Law 106-2013) be considered for third reading as
    presented on October 1, 2013.

    The Clerk/CEMC clarified with Council that the following changes, as discussed, will be
    incorporated into the by-law to come forward:

    All electronic devices will be asked to be turned off during the proceedings.
    The Town will be able to permit pictures as required.
    The Town will continue to make recordings.

    It was Moved by J. Turner, Seconded by J. Kirkland and Carried

    That the Procedural By-Law (By-Law 106-2013) be deferred in order that staff may
    incorporate changes as discussed at the October 15, 2013 meeting.

  14. Alice says:

    Regardless of the recording issues the Town is going to try to convince everyone that they are reducing our taxes by 5%. This is a total sham!!!

    The tax rate to cover the operating budget has been reduced – some through savings, but mostly through increased assessments. The real kicker is that they plan on burdening us with even HIGHER WATER AND SEWER RATES and a SIX MILLION DOLLAR DEBT for the stupid airport.

    This, in my opinion, is a fiscally irresponsible budget.


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