Bruce on the Bruce Luncheon

Just a reminder to all interested that the Bruce on the Bruce Luncheon is on for Wednesday at 12:00 Noon at Duffy’s in Hepworth.

Guest Speakers

Jim Turner Member of Counsil

Craig Gammie

John Schnurr

This should be a great opportunity to get together and discuss the Budget, achievements of the current Council, MTO and ongoing litigation.

There is limited seating I believe we have 10 seats left. Call 519-377-3197 for your seat.




The Hepworth Flower Bed Revolt Has Been Declared By MTO!

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!


So according to documents filed by M.T.O., more particularly an application to the Superior Court for a warrant to remove the Flower Boxes at Duffy’s  in Hepworth!

The 200 hundred page document  amongst other things asks “for a warrant directing the Sheriff of Bruce County to put down such Resistance or opposition or to take such steps…”

Gee whiz I feel like Louis Reil!!!!

Just think our very own revolt in Hepworth over FLOWER BEDS!!!!!!

Apparently the flower beds are  18 inches inside the right of way declared by the M.T.O., between the lot line and the boulevard.  This does indeed represent a serious threat to the safety of all!!!

Now I am no expert but I will bet that the Province has spent $50,000 of your tax dollars ridding the community of this serious threat to their safety!

Now if you look between the road and the lot line there is a sidewalk and hydro poles well contained by the flower beds and the highway!!

I have to wonder!!!  I have invested over 1.5 million dollars in this site to create a destination for tourists! Possibly creating 50 jobs. I did this without any government funding, my life’s savings!! My reward is a 50,000 bill for legal fees to protect what is mine!

Did you authorize your government to piss away your money on this nonsense.

MTO has declared all rights of utility 400 meters from the center line on each side of the road!! That means no signs, fences, trees, flower beds or construction of any kind without you paying them a fee to use your property!!

MTO did attempt to remove the Flower beds earlier this year but put them back when the OPP ordered them too as they did so illegally when I stopped them.

The fact that I enforced my rights as an owner has brought the full force of the Provincial Government to take me down!!! YOU ARE NEXT!!!

THIS LAND IS OUR LAND!!! Not theirs! They work for us we do not work for them!!!

Two years ago when I started this project, the MTO representative told me that I was to put in the Flower beds to control traffic in and out of the parking lot. The new girl doesn’t want them there! I didn’t get the old guy to put things in writing!!!

Fact of the matter the application has been brought by “Her Majesty the Queen”. That would be the same authority that signed the Crown Patent giving me all rights of utility to the land in 1868!!!HMMMMMMM! I wonder if her Majesty has read the Patent signed with respect to this land.

I truly understand the position of the Aboriginals, being told one thing and them doing another!


I need your help in this stupidity!!!! Please drop an email to MTO or better yet       and let her know how you feel about the way your money is being spent!!!

Let Bill Walker know and Larry Miller!!