Bruce on the Bruce Luncheon

Just a reminder to all interested that the Bruce on the Bruce Luncheon is on for Wednesday at 12:00 Noon at Duffy’s in Hepworth.

Guest Speakers

Jim Turner Member of Counsil

Craig Gammie

John Schnurr

This should be a great opportunity to get together and discuss the Budget, achievements of the current Council, MTO and ongoing litigation.

There is limited seating I believe we have 10 seats left. Call 519-377-3197 for your seat.





One thought on “Bruce on the Bruce Luncheon

  1. Alice says:

    Thanks for organizing; sorry I could not attend. My contacts tell me there was a small turnout and the discussion got a bit heated at times but that John managed to keep things mostly on track. Perhaps if you had your meetings in the evenings or better still on weekend when people who work or are from out of town might be able to attend. Anyway I was asked to pass along a ‘thank you’ to John, Craig, and Jim.

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