“Lest We Forget” MY ASS!

A real travesty has occurred in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula!!!!!!

The Shallow Lake Hepworth Legion, proposed an event on the  long weekend which included a music festival at their site in Hepworth. The event by design is to raise money for the Hospital Fund!

Low and behold they were denied permission to have camp sites on their property for the two day event. It seems the town has a bylaw forbidding camp sites anywhere except in licensed camp grounds!

The town suggested that the Legion get a zoning change to accommodate a camp ground on the site.

Isn’t that special!!!

The men and women that went to war, gave their lives to protect Freedom, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the community cannot camp on their property!!!

We as a people should be ashamed!!!!

The Veterans of this country laid down their lives for freedom only to be denied the very freedom they fought for by the people they were protecting!!!!

If we allow this to happen we lost the war!!!!!!

Think about this.. The government that taxes our ass off cannot provide the equipment for the hospital so our warriors go out and raise money to pay for the equipment that we need and are stopped by the very people that are reaping the benefits of all their efforts!

This is sick!!!!!

It is time for dramatic change my friends!

It is our land, our community, our government, our money!!!! BACK OFF GOVERNMENT 

I urge all of you to call the town and raise hell! Call Council members and raise hell! Call Bill Walker and raise hell!!

It is time these bureaucratic scheming looters found out who is in charge!!!!