Go Figure

Chill out “Bruce”! The title of the piece should have been: Common Sense – MY ASS! Tell them to raise Hell about the MTO or the taxman but in this case you’re off base and premature as well. Where the Legion application is concerned it is a case of them wanting to rent their property to a third party – both to make money – not your veterans running a do of their own to raise funds for another worthy cause.


That being said, a few councilors who feel as you do – but for the right reasons – have already prepared a report for the next council meeting to modify the bylaws to allow the town council to say YES not NO to such events held on private property on a case by case basis.  By the way, the town already allows these events on public property and gets nothing but flack from that segment of the community that hates tourists and fun since it disturbs their quiet existence watching the sun sink into the lake while sipping a dry sherry.


My information is that those councilors, in case you’re wondering, are Kirkland (who thinks the bylaw is wrong to not consider possibilities), Klages (who thinks having a little fun never did permanent damage to anyone’s life), and Turner (who would throw out every regulation and bylaw that didn’t protect people’s lives and start from scratch).

These three, and hopefully a few more on council, seem to believe deep down that its government’s job to help people, not regulate them to death and that if everyone uses a little common sense we can probably all get along.


I wish council good luck on this one because we should all remember that every one of those regulations and bylaws, including the one you’re so pissed about, was put there because someone did something their neighbors didn’t like and demanded that council pass a law to stop it. The no camping or trailers bylaw in particular goes way back to before the town amalgamated and was put in because people with $250000 homes and a big tax bill didn’t like the guy with the vacant lot next door sticking a trailer in for the summer, inviting his buddies to camp in the yard for parties and paying peanuts taxes.


I don’t know why you humans don’t do what we did and get rid of all government! We allow people to live their lives as they see fit as long as they bring no harm to others and we have a panel of wise judges who decide conflicts. If you bring harm to others we drop you at the North Pole in the middle of the ice and tell you to walk home while thinking about what you did. Works for us – but then we aren’t hampered by your government run education system!


the Martian