Just for Craig Gammie


A friend sent me your Craig’s Commentary Volume 4 Number 15 re the council agenda and since you make such an easy target (and I’m all about easy) I just had to respond. I won’t comment or post on your site which you edit so I guess you’ll have to respond here and boost Bruce’s profile. I see you don’t consider what your council is proposing to be illegal as you usually do. I guess that’s progress.

The old song says “People who like people are the luckiest people in the world”.

You, Craig are not lucky!

Why do you assume that people will party into the wee hours of the morning when the organizers of an event face charges under the noise and fire bylaws? Why do you assume that people are all inherently bad? Is it because you don’t like people Craig? Maybe it’s just that you don’t like people having a fun life because yours isn’t. The only thing I’ve been able to figure out about how your mind works is that you’re against everything!

Under current bylaws the Town can host events with camping or trailers overnight but private citizens or groups can’t even ask to. In what world is that right? In what world is that fair? Yours? The councilors want a bylaw change to let them choose to help people. I believe you elect people to make decisions – at least give them a chance to!

Protecting residents Craig? Read the proposal! It doesn’t give anyone carte blanche to party on unrestricted! All it does is give people an opportunity to approach their council with an idea and be able to get an answer.

You might also want to consider that tying an event to local charitable groups trying to give back to their community under severe restrictions and with few opportunities in a poor economy is a good idea. The Sauble Snow Riders, the Lions, the Sandpipers, the Royal Canadian Legion and many more local organizations are made up of residents too Craig – they’re your neighbors.(I’d include friends but I suspect you don’t have many left around here) Maybe these groups won’t have to bother you for donations as often or beg the council for special considerations at budget time.

You said you’re running for Mayor – do you really want to be Mayor of the dullest, most controlled, least fun place to live on your entire planet? Will the new town motto be:

“We can’t ask and we don’t have fun but that’s the way aha aha we like it”?

Besides Craig, what’s wrong with being able to host a plowing match, a rodeo or a blues festival not in town or at the beach but on a local farm?

Even you might meet people to like – and you may get lucky!


the Martian