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Bruce the Blight

Bruce the Blight








You can say a lot of things about John Close! I know I have in the past!

I may not like his methods or his attitude, but we do not have a hell of a lot of choice!

Mr. Close has brought stability to what was a volatile situation! He has stood his ground on most issues and only flip flopped on minor points.

Given the challenges he has faced, I think he has done ok, not enough for some, but you cannot please everyone!

John Close does do his home work! He does makes decisions, not always in my view the right decisions, but that is my opinion and he has to do what he thinks is right.

When  Mr. Close screws up, which he has done on occasion, he is not afraid to admit it! That in itself says a lot about the man.

Now Mr. Close, has been way to busy to meet with me, frankly, I don’t buy that, but  he at least pretends he is interested in meeting, unlike Ms. Jackson!

Close does appear to care about property rights, albeit he tries very hard not to rock the boat in a big way up front! He, as Mayor, has made inroads and appears to have gained respect for our community within the County structure!

It appears Mr. Close has developed a working team in Council, with some exceptions and hats off to him for that!

I think, given the opportunity to go forward, he will keep the SS Town of South Bruce Peninsula on track!!!

John Close, in my view, leaves a lot to be desired in the Mayors chair, but he is trying! Very trying at times! Given the choices we have, I say ” Fill your boots John Boy”!!!

Oh and thanks to John Close,  I got my by line “Bruce the Blight” and I am still here being a pain in his ass!!

Beside he makes himself such an easy target!! 🙂