The Town of South Bruce Peninsula Political Crossroads!

"Bruce The Blight"

“Bruce The Blight”







As a small boy my mom would force me to take Cod Liver Oil every morning all winter long! It was disgusting, fowl tasting crap that I hated so much there are not words to describe! However, I don’t recall getting sick while following this ritual.

Inexperience, outright lies, statements made without research, over zealous simple serpants and irresponsible behaviour by the few lusting for power, is in fact destroying this community! I mean we have huge issues here and the only thing we are taking about in the coffee shops and at meetings are Disappearing election signs, denial of the right to vote by tenants in the camp grounds!

Get a grip!

The election is not a popularity contest! It is a time to cast the future!.

Raising hell about the land claim, election signs, bullshit law suits to get press, threats of legal action in the future accomplish nothing! Yes Craig I am talking about you! Dividing the community by using rabble rousing tactics to motivate and divide people is self destructive, yes Janice Jackson I am talking about you!

To resurrect members that were voted out last election, because their personal vendettas, is a sure path to accomplish nothing! Yes Betty and Anna I am talking about you!

Killing the sewer project and then wanting to bring it back as an issue serves no productive purpose!

I counted 5 vacant stores in downtown Wiarton yesterday!!! There are no jobs here, no hope for growth, declining tourism, the exodus of young people, the fact that the financial community in Toronto will not lend in this area because of political instability, intervention by Provincial Ministries to name but a few real issues that must be addressed. Yes John Close I am talking about you!

This summer I saw a myriad  of cottages for rent signs and vacant stores in Sauble Beach both of which I haven’t seen in years!

Now contrary to the “Idiot Telegraph” prevalent in the coffee shops in town, I DO NOT SUPPORT CRAIG GAMMIE OR JANICE JACKSON for the reasons stated above, but I do give them credit for running and having the gonads to run!

I intend to give to John Cod Liver Close all the support he gave me over the last four years, Like the my new name (Bruce the Blight), a civil law suite that cost me $50 grand, a stop work order, no assistance with the MTO, not even coming to Duffy’s to see what is going on, double charging for building permits at Duffy’s, great sidewalks in Hepworth (not), businesses closings, no economic growth, continuing to pay a certain ex simple serpant that he fired,  I could go on but you get my point!

I am supporting Jim Turner, Jay Kirkland and Karen Klages as I feel, setting aside the fact that they at times, appear to be John Cod liver Closes lap dogs, they seem to sincerely care about the community and it’s economic health along with real belief in private property rights.

As for  Matt Standen,  full time consideration of another endeavour might be in order same for Chris Thomas! If Paul Mackenzie were to say something every now and again I may support him.

I have not seen or heard from Betty Hall or Anna the Banana in about a year, so I shall assume they consider me on the Dark Side along with Mr. Gammie.

This community is in a high speed warble heading for the ground and if we do not take affirmative action and address the real issues at hand, we are doomed to become nothing more than another failed community being run by bureaucrats in Toronto that want a play ground for themselves and a place for the newly wed and nearly dead.

Think Sheeple! Stupidity enriches the greedy and promotes poverty! Do some homework! Let’s make our politicians work for us and our vote, with real effort, not artificial self serving statements about shit we have no control over!