WoW ! It’s Grounghog Day!! Without Willie!!!


Bruce the Blight

Bruce the Blight



Above the Crowd

Above the Crowd



Did you see the Movie???

A story about the same thing over and over again!

I had the displeasure of attending the All Candidates meeting last night in Hepworth! Wow there is two hours of my life that I will never recover!!!

I had to leave early as I thought I was going to be sick!!

I arrived late but got there in time to see the last of the intro speeches and the beginning of the end of intelligent life on this planet!

From the git go this was staged as the only questions allowed were in writing and approved  for submission! God knows we don’t want to upset anyone. The cops showed up to make their presence known to be sure everyone behaved and towed the party line!

This took me back to four years ago, the faces changed but the story didn’t! I think the idea was to put the Candidates up on the stage to reassure everyone that these candidates were people we could look up to!!!

On one end we had Cod Liver Close on the other Ms. Bowman! In between and carefully placed were the balance of wannabie’s and old guard.

The crowd was divided equally, Sauble folks on one side and Wiarton on the other.

In the beginning, before any speeches were made, the Sauble side was dominant, but as the speakers were heard Sauble side got quitter and quieter. Wait a minute it was the same as last election! Some of the faces have changed but it was all the same! The old guard were all defensive the wannabies were waving their “ain’t I wonderful and vote for me cause I am wonderful and got no brains flag”

John D Close 15 Hea Rd, South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0 519-534-5548
Janice Jackson 106 Eleventh St N, Sauble Beach N0H 2G0 519-422-2552

Deputy Mayor (Certified Candidates at Nomination Day-September 12, 2014)

Name Address Phone Number Email Address Website
Betty Hall 1405 Sunset Drive, South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0 519-534-3149
Jay Kirkland 791 Bruce Rd 8, South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0 519-372-4757 or 519-422-1449   
Matthew Standen 620 Mary Street,  PO Box 73, Wiarton ON N0H 2T0 519-534-9125
David Kyte Nusko 295 George Street, PO Box 1327, Wiarton ON N0H 2T0 519-534-3679 or 226-932-5519

Councillor (Certified Candidates at Nomination Day-September 12, 2014)

Name Address Phone Number Email Address Website
Ana Vukovic 471 Bay Street, South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0 519-534-1338
Marilyn Bowman 31 London Street, Sauble Beach N0H 2T0 519-422-1640
Jeff Leonard 422 McNaughton Street, Wiarton N0H 2T0 519-534-3334
Jim Turner 1460 Sauble Falls Parkway, South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0 519-534-5262 or 519-534-3372
Karen Klages 156 Spring Creek Road, South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0 519-935-2169
Chris Thomas 656 John Street, Wiarton N0H 2T0 519-379-5045
Craig Gammie 531 3rd Ave N, Sauble Beach N0H 2G0 519-422-3599
Dan Kerr 338 Berford Lake Rd, South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0 519-534-3745  
Matt Jackson 157 Mallory Beach Rd, South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0 519-534-1561    
Paul McKenzie 67 Oliphant Way, South Bruce Peninsula N0H 2T0 519-534-0792    

 Jay Kirkland shone, as did Turner. The shinning star was Paul McKenzie. The guy that made the best point was Jeff Leonard late in the event! Matt Jackson shone as the most hope of the newbies!

I attached everybody’s email address so you can write them and tell them to get serious and deal with real issues as apposed to fluff designed to distract you! I

I gotta say that Old Cod Liver held his own, even though he looked like he’d been rode hard and put away wet!

Anna the Banana, did well, but unfortunately her presentation lack the range of total colour necessary to  keep it consistently interesting!

Dan the Man Kerr should get a new Drum as the one he is beating is worn out!

Betty Pooh Hall was Betty Pooh Hall, tried hard but didn’t get there!

Chris Thomas looked like she needed another drink to go with her peace and flowers verbal diarrhea!

Albeit Matt Standen was there he should of stayed home!

David Kyte Nusko dressed the part but couldn’t do enough to please everyone, the old boys would have him as a nice light snack!

Marilyn  Bowman held her own but is a little too far left, lets say she was seated well!

Jeff Leonard made my day, he gets full points for tenacity however he was just a little shy on substance but there is hope for him in the future I think!

And then there was Mr. Gammie! You know the guy that didn’t sue anybody! Nice try Craig!

Janice Jackson is a girl with significant promise! However if she were to be elected, she would be admitted to the forth floor after three months. As a member of counsel she is an excellent left end and guard but as Mayor… she doesn’t have the scar tissue to survive. Given a little time she could go places but it is too soon for her. Janice is more effective at this point in time on the outside looking in and keeping the rest of them honest!

The questions presented were piss in the wind in my opinion! I submitted my questions below but they didn’t see the light of the hall!

In canvassing the candidates I found that not one of the running, with the exception of Cod Liver Close, Turner, Kirkland and McKenzie had any clue as to the restrictions imposed by the Province!

My questions should be answered by each Candidate before you vote for them.

All Candidates

Are you prepared to sign and honour the Oath of office and the Oath of Allegiance ?

By swearing the Oath, they are pledging allegiance to the Crown, in doing so they agree to up hold the laws. Property rights being the foundation in my view!

Is it your position that Provincial Regulations pertaining to property use are binding on Private Property?

If they have taken the oath they must answer no to this question! If not they are breeching their oath!

(All lands, mines, minerals and Royalties vested in Her Majesty in the Provinces of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Price Edward Island, for the use of such Provinces, shall belong to the Local Government of the Territory in which the same are situate; subject to any trusts that may exist in respect to any of such lands or to any interest other of other persons of the same.)                    BNA Act (Crown Patent land falls under subject to)

Is it your position that Municipal By-Laws are enforceable on private Property?

If they have said yes to the first question then they must answer no to this question or they are in fact breeching their oath!

(“The Queen in right of Ontario has no right, title or interest in and to lands described” (Ontario (Attorney General) v Roundtree Beach Assn., 1994). “The Queen/Crown has removed the crown domain through letters patent, ergo there is no authority to be transferred to the Province)

What is your economic Recovery Plan for this Community

This question will tell if or if not they have any vision.

Has any compensation been paid to anyone including the TSBP for the expropriation of Highway #6 in 1965?

If they don’t know then they have not done their job or their homework so can you afford to have them work for you?

(In the case of A.G. v. DeKeyer’s Royal Hotel, 1920, p. 28 it is stated “ Since the Magna Carta the estate of a subject in lands or buildings has been protected against the prerogative of the Crown.””There were provisions that “private Property” could only be used or regulated with fair compensation being paid, even during times of war.

How do you intend to reunite the Communities within the Town of South Bruce Peninsula?

Again this will tell you whether or not they have thought about what they are doing!

This is a very important election! We need to stay the course or lose what ground has been gained! It is not a popularity contest!

Let us get them to do their job and work for us not for themselves!!!!













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