Marilyn Bowman Provided her Answers This Morning!


Thank you Marilyn Bowman!

Marilyn Bowman

Attachments12:43 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

Thank you for the opportunity to give you my thoughts. Please see attached document.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

Marilyn Bowman

Are you prepared to sign and honour the Oath of office and the Oath of Allegiance


Yes I will as I see the Oath of office as a reminder that it is my responsibility to act ethically and recognize that I am holding a position of trust.

The Oath of Allegiance makes one aware that the Monarchy governs Canada according to Canada’s laws and customs.

 Is it your position that Provincial Regulations pertaining to property use are binding on Private Property?

That question is beyond my experience and learnings. I would refer you to your MPP.


Is it your position that Municipal By-Laws are enforceable on private Property?



Some of the most common situations that I support deal with are fences, property standards, signs, sidewalk snow removal, construction noise, loud music that disturbs the neighborhood loud parties that disturb the neighborhood, barking dogs, illegal suites or apartments, sheds and other buildings too close to the property line, operating an illegal business from a home, garbage and debris, old and/or wrecked vehicle(s), overgrown vegetation or noxious weeds and fireworks

That said I would prefer to see the owner simply talked to in order to obtain voluntary compliance before proceeding to imparting a fine.

What is your economic Recovery Plan for this Community?

  • A Finance Department and Council that is fiscally accountable and responsible. This includes a decision on whether to sell the Wiarton Kepple airport.
  • Community acceptable taxes through detailed analysis of all department expenses
  • Integrity in all aspects of Council and the Town
  • Environmental Preservation through initiatives that reflect continued involvement and support of existing environment initiatives including: Sauble Beach’s Blue Flag designation; the protection of the endangered piping plover; sand dune preservation; and phragmites abatement. Protection of waterfront resources including the Great Lakes shorelines and inland rivers. Continuation of the Septic Inspection Program
  • An updated infrastructure priority plan assuring that the roads needs and asset management plan are adhered to diligently. A Landfill Site that is funded for expansion and every opportunity taken to realize a significant increase in recycling
  • An Economic Development Office that Provides reliable research, Targets workforce opportunities, identifies key workforce skills and promotes skills development. Monitors current businesses to ensure retention and assist developers and entrepreneurs with expansion opportunities. Recognize and support a need to grow into a four season tourism economy including a safe and healthy Sauble Beach with free public access.
  • A Growth Strategy that includes assisting developers to recognize the dire need for affordable senior’s housing, condo developments and apartments. However fair Development Charges to offset the cost of environmental studies and infrastructure requirements must be recognized.
  • Initiatives developed to provide a diversity of activities as well as a need to offer expanded educational, recreational and employment resources to our youth and aging population.
  • Affordable Water and Sewer
  • High Speed Internet available to all
  • The importance of Heritage and Culture of the area embraced


Has any compensation been paid to anyone including the TSBP for the expropriation of Highway #6 in 1965?

Not to my knowledge

How do you intend to reunite the Communities within the Town of South Bruce Peninsula?

By ensuring that the Strategic Plan is current and encourages public participation including an improved plan to communicate and link with the citizens though Community Steering Committees.





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