Our All Candidates Question Challenge!

 Bruce the Blight

Bruce the Blight

Fact is there have been 6,000 views of this blog over the last 5 days but yet only 1 candidate responding (Jim Turner) to the questions, so, I have emailed all the questions to all candidates and requested a response within 48 hours! I intend to post the responses or un-responses  on Friday of this week.
Fact of the matter is that if they do not respond they apparently have no intention of honoring their Oath of Office or so it would appear! Gives you a sense of how seriously they take their responsibility.
All Candidates I ask that you answer to the best of your ability the following questions. Yes I will publish your answers or in the alternative your un-answers.
I request that you answer within 48 hours.
Bruce on the Bruce

Are you prepared to sign and honour the Oath of office and the Oath of Allegiance

Is it your position that Provincial Regulations pertaining to property use are binding on Private Property?

(All lands, mines, minerals and Royalties vested in Her Majesty in the Provinces of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Price Edward Island, for the use of such Provinces, shall belong to the Local Government of the Territory in which the same are situate; subject to any trusts that may exist in respect to any of such lands or to any interest other of other persons of the same.)

Is it your position that Municipal By-Laws are enforceable on private Property?

“The Queen in right of Ontario has no right, title or interest in and to lands described” (Ontario (Attorney General) v Roundtree Beach Assn., 1994). “The Queen/Crown has removed the crown domain through letters patent, ergo there is no authority to be transferred to the Province.

What is your economic Recovery Plan for this Community?

Has any compensation been paid to anyone including the TSBP for the expropriation of Highway #6 in 1965?

(In the case of A.G. v. DeKeyer’s Royal Hotel, 1920, p. 28 it is stated “ Since the Magna Carta the estate of a subject in lands or buildings has been protected against the prerogative of the Crown.” (”There were provisions that “private Property” could only be used or regulated with fair compensation being paid, even during times of war.”)

Section 117 “The several provinces shall retain all their respective Public Property not otherwise disposed of in this Act, subject to the Right of Canada to assume any lands or Public Property required for Fortifications or for the Defense of the Country.”

How do you intend to reunite the Communities within the Town of South Bruce Peninsula?




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