The Election is in Question!


 Bruce the Blight

Bruce the Blight


There seems to be an issue with the Election results in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula!

The ballots had clear instructions on how to mark them however there were several hundred ballots that had been improperly marked and not disqualified as spoiled.

The ballots in question were marked with an X as apposed to the dot being filled in.

Apparently the scrutineer’ argued that the  ballots in question would be ok if they coloured the dots on new ballots attached them to the ballot marked with the X.


Rejection of ballots

(2)The deputy returning officer shall reject from the count all ballots and votes in a ballot that do not comply with the prescribed rules. 1996, c. 32, Sched., s. 54 (2).

Which gives rise to the thought that there is something rotten in Demark or at the very least the Town of South Bruce Peninsula!

What if I marked my ballot with an X to purposely spoil my ballot because I was protesting??? Wouldn’t I be deprived of my vote the way I intended it?

It seems to me that if the law says that a vote is spoiled then the vote is spoiled!!!! No one has the right to remark a vote after it has been  submitted!

Now I was not there so I don not know what happed but I do know the vote was close in many instances there for I believe that the spoiled ballots should be rejected!

On another note, Corporations are not allowed to vote, that is clear, however c corporation that owns property in the community, pays taxes and contributes to the community. A corporation is treated as a citizen in every other respect of the law however it is not allowed to vote. The CEO of a corporation is held responsible for every thing the corporation does and is personably liable for any taxes not paid. Or for any laws broken by the corporation. That being the case why are corporations being denied to vote through their CEO or Directors???

Getting back to the situation at hand, the Clerk should have, in my opinion, disallowed the spoiled ballots period!!! There is no question. Having said that, how can we declare winners we the spoiled ballots are counted.

How many ballots were spoiled? We don’t know. Was it a few or a few hundred or maybe a thousand???

In an election this close there is no room for error!!!

In the food business there is a saying “When in doubt throw it out” !

If there is any doubt in the validity of a ballot it should and must be disqualified!!!










Bruce the Blight

Bruce the Blight



In keeping with my tradition, the winners are exactly the opposite to what I predicted!!!

Congratulations to Mayor Janice Jackson, Deputy Mayor Jay Kirkland, Anna Vukovic, Craig Gammie and Matt Jackson Well Done!!!

As I recall I supported all the people that lost in the last election!

Hopefully  this time around things will get on the right track faster!

I tip my hat to all that ran, it takes considerable courage to maintain your position in spite of others. Thank you!!!

Craig, Janice and Anna did an outstanding job standing their ground! They will, I am sure, do an even more outstanding job running our town.

All three of them are not afraid to stand their ground and go for not only what they believe, but for what is best for our community.

The die has been cast, the future is our oyster! We have a great new council and the opportunity to bravely go where ever we want to go!

Let’s all get behind this great new team and build a town to be proud of!!!

Three Cheers!!!!