Mayor John (Cod Liver) Close Responds to Questions!


 Thank you Mayor Close!
Better late than Never!
Out of all the answers received to date, this is by far more better! Direct and positive albeit not as far as I would like!

John Close

12:30 PM (45 minutes ago)

to me
Good Questions Bruce!
As mayor for the past four years I have fallen into the habit of letting others reply before I speak. I apologize if my reply is late.
1)Are you prepared to sign and honour the Oath of office and the Oath of Allegiance
 Yes to the Oath. I believe that this is required to show the public that I am accountable.
2)Is it your position that Provincial Regulations pertaining to property use are binding on Private Property?
The courts are upholding the Building Code, Planning Act and other provincial legislation. Until the courts rule otherwise provincial regulations are enforceable.
3)Is it your position that Municipal By-Laws are enforceable on private Property?
There are two types of by-laws that may come into play on this question. First there are general by-laws that are enacted for the general health and safety of a community. These by-laws shall only be enforceable if they relate to a Federal Act and/or a Provincial Act. Other by-laws would apply to public space only. A municipality can ban smoking from a park but they cannot ban you from smoking in or on your property.
4)What is your economic Recovery Plan for this Community?
My economic recovery plan is lengthy but not complicated. If we had a manufacture in our town that employed a hundred people we would never treat them the way we treat our small business, tourism, quarries and agricultural business. Land use planning has a place to allow all people to develop a business or live without the fear of a dynamite plant opening next to your home. Having said that our municipality needs to know what we have and actively search for those types of business that we are missing.
In order to grow into the future we need ultra-high speed fiber optic internet. We have no idea as to the jobs our youth will create in the future but it will be based on high speed connections, the likes we have not yet seen. We need the infrastructure, such as high speed internet, to open up our doors for business to incubate the jobs of the future.
Yes there are other items to install and correct but the driver for our economy shall be the internet, and the first community in will see the fastest growth.
5)Has any compensation been paid to anyone including the TSBP for the expropriation of Highway #6 in 1965?
Compensation for Highway 6? Only when they widened the Hwy. north of Wiarton in the late 50s or early 60s.
6) How do you intend to reunite the Communities within the Town of South Bruce Peninsula?
Unity is a major issue in our community, an issue that will take years to deal with. We have tax payers in our smaller neighbourhoods that feel left out, that see no improvements. This is one area for a public committee to be established to search for the core problem and find some solutions. 
Amalgamation came with no instructions and many communities continue to struggle with community unity. We need to define who we are and build pride from the ground up.   
The best so far!
Would that be with Property Rights and a positive stance against Provincial intervention? HMMMMM!

11 thoughts on “Mayor John (Cod Liver) Close Responds to Questions!

  1. spooner704 says:

    I’ll bet you believed him four years ago when he wasn’t going to raise taxes too!!

  2. >>>>quote
    Hi everyone!

    The ballots are starting to hit mailboxes today.

    This has been a nasty election.
    They Mayor has taken out newspaper ads accusing me of supporting things I’m totally against and of course you know he and the rest of the old boys club have gone to trailer parks and registered voters who more than likely do not qualify to vote.

    At last count, they have signed up 400. That is a large number considering our Municipality is small and only 60% usually vote. The recruitment isn’t over yet as many campers come up on Thanksgiving Weekend. This number will likely change the outcome of the election. But we have further problems. As they are still recruiting campers, town hall will not furnish candidates with any further updates to the voters list. Our Electoral Officer Angie Cathrea told me a few days ago that I could call her the day before the election and if I give her the addresses of the campgrounds, she would tell me how many voters are registered at each. Just ten minutes ago she sent a letter to all candidates saying she will not give us any more information on any changes she has made to the voter’s list. We will not know the final number of trailer voters.

    This is a very dangerous stand to take and I’m quite sure there will be an official appeal to the results of the Election all the way to the Attorney General’s Office. Not only do we absolutely challenge the legitimacy of the trailer voters, we challenge the way they were recruited & registered and we now face being completely cut off from the final changes to the voter’s list. We will not know the identity of everyone who has been given a ballot to vote in our town.

    The old boys know they have lost this election and are scrambling to find ways to win it back. I guess if the current roster of legitimate voters won’t re-elect them, they may as well drum up new voters who will. I have seen a lot in my 4 years on Council but this completely takes the cake. It’s outrageous.

    Please make sure you vote and make your vote count! Please make sure you encourage your friends, family and neighbours to vote. Democracy has been challenged.

    It is my understanding a legal fund has been started to launch an appeal if the election results are clearly outrageous. I truly hope this won’t be necessary but the way this is unfolding makes it very likely.

    I am extremely worried about the results of the election because in my opinion, our beach will be given to the First Nations quickly, and in a recent conversation I had with First Nations Chief Vernon Roote, he is 100% in favour of sewers in Sauble. If the old boys have just 3 votes, we don’t stand a chance.

    This entire situation is horrible.
    Please vote!


  3. yabder4 says:

    Ah, the spin. SON’s Chief is 100% in favour of sewers – if it is paid by someone else. Who wouldn’t be. Attempts at dragging in old issues such as the sewers only indicates grasping at straws as she feels the election momentum slipping away. I just don’t understand her conclusion that she won’t garner any votes from the additional voters. How could she prove she didn’t get ANY votes from the new voters?

    What’s that parrot’s name on Janice’s shoulder who’s squawking “legal, legal”?

    • Go figure!
      Fact is the feds will pay for the sewers for the first nations and so they should!
      Fact is the Fed and the Province have been milking the Natives for 300 Plus years and we let them!
      277 Land claims in Ontario alone!
      Maybe Janice and Craig will go to work for the Natives after they lose the election!

  4. yabder4 says:

    Hey Bruce, can you start a new series of questions?

    1. Some people seek political office today to pursue self-serving agendas that fail to reflect the will of the public. If you are elected, how will you avoid this pitfall and advocate for the well being of all your constituents?

    2. Many believe that Council improperly discusses issues in camera that should be aired in a public forum. If an issue arises in an in-camera meeting that you think should be discussed in open forum, what would you do?

    3. Do you have any objections to being video and/or audio recorded during Council meetings?

    4. It often appears that administrative staff lead Council, rather than the other way around. Do you agree that staff and planners should function at Council’s behest since it is Council that is elected to represent the views and concerns of the community?

    5. Do you, or any family member, have a pecuniary and/or working interest in any industrial energy project within the Municipality, outside the Municipality, outside the Province, or outside Canada? If so, please elaborate. If not, would you every consider becoming a stakeholder in a large-scale energy project if the opportunity presented itself?

  5. Alice says:

    Excuse me, didn’t this dude waste tax dollars suing this blog for being a blight on the community?

  6. Alice says:

    Mayor Close

    If we had a manufacture in our town that employed a hundred people we would never treat them the way we treat our small business, tourism, quarries and agricultural business

    Is that why we don’t have such a manufacturer?


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