More Questions than Answers in Town of South Bruce Peninsula Election!

    It seems I am not the only one that wants real relevant questions answered by those running.

I have received a number of questions from readers of this blog that are not being asked by those that host the all Candidates meetings!

The following being the cream of questions that I consider quite relevant.

I will send these questions out and see who rises to the challenge!

Great question Yabder4!

  • yabder4 says:

    Hey Bruce, can you start a new series of questions?

    1. Some people seek political office today to pursue self-serving agendas that fail to reflect the will of the public. If you are elected, how will you avoid this pitfall and advocate for the well being of all your constituents?

    2. Many believe that Council improperly discusses issues in camera that should be aired in a public forum. If an issue arises in an in-camera meeting that you think should be discussed in open forum, what would you do?

    3. Do you have any objections to being video and/or audio recorded during Council meetings?

    4. It often appears that administrative staff lead Council, rather than the other way around. Do you agree that staff and planners should function at Council’s behest since it is Council that is elected to represent the views and concerns of the community?

    5. Do you, or any family member, have a pecuniary and/or working interest in any industrial energy project within the Municipality, outside the Municipality, outside the Province, or outside Canada? If so, please elaborate. If not, would you ever consider becoming a stakeholder in a large-scale energy project if the opportunity presented itself?

    Ok Candidates last chance to show your colours.

    I will post the responses along with my summary and perspective the same as the last set of questions.



One thought on “More Questions than Answers in Town of South Bruce Peninsula Election!

  1. cuvava says:

    Hi Gord,Here are my answers to your questions.

    I am retired, and have no private business interests in the Municipality which might influence my decisions. Also, I have a strong sense of fairness, and am able to recognize potential conflicts of interest. As on previous councils, I would declare the conflict and abstain from voting if the situation called for it. I stand for integrity, and the wishes of the people are my first priority.

    I would halt discussion of the issue, and ask why the issue was being discussed in camera. If the motive was simply to avoid public consultation, I would move that it be included on the agenda for the next open council meeting.

    I believe the Council needs to be open and transparent. Video and audio recording of council meetings may be the only way for seasonal residents to be informed about the issues we are confronting. Many municipalities record their meetings, and I have no objections to it.

    Staff and planners are essential to the provision of the many municipal services all of us depend upon. They have the background to provide continuity from one council to the next, and the qualifications to explain and recommend courses of action. They have not, however, been elected. The responsibility of council is to use the assets that these people bring to the table, and then to make the decisions as directed by the constituents.

    Neither my family nor I have any interest in any industrial energy project in the TSBP, or outside of Ontario or Canada, nor do we have any plan to do so in the future. Of course, it is common knowledge that I was involved in the “Stop the Wind Turbines” group here in SBP. I still hold the view that wind turbines would spoil the pristine natural environment we enjoy here, and would fight any future attempt to install them even as a member of the town council.

    Ana Vukovic ( Please do not call me Banana )

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