Jim Turner Responds to yabder4’s Questions!

Dumb Like A Fox

Dumb Like A Fox



You can say a lot of things about Jim Turner, most likely a lot of those thing are not complimentary!

But Jim Turner says what he thinks and is a man of his word. I have had a lot of run ins with Jim, but he stands his ground! He is a man of integrity and I am proud to call him my friend! (Most of the time)

Jim Turner believes in this community! He has nothing but good things to say about this town and its residents with the exception of Craig Gammie.

He responded to these questions within 12 hours of them being posted without urging!

Jim Turner has wisdom and an intense passion for property rights, this town and his beliefs.

I rate his answers to these question with a 9 out of 10. Only because if I give him a 10 he would light a cigar and we don’t need more legal fees!

Jim Turner is the Vitamin C we need to supplement the cod liver oil we  require!

His Answers:

1. Some people seek political office today to pursue self-serving agendas that fail to reflect the will of the public. If you are elected, how will you avoid this pitfall and advocate for the well being of all your constituents?

(1) Four years ago I looked at the names of the people running for office in Ward 1 and decided I could not vote for any of them. I should add that Paul McKenzie had not filed papers at that time.

My reasoning was that voting “None of the above” was not an option and I had better be prepared to walk a mile in their shoes if I was unwilling to support any of them.

I had no agenda, no issue I wanted to push, no interest group to represent, nothing I wanted to do away with and a feeling I might be able to do better than those I couldn’t in good conscience vote into office.

I knew it would take time away from my business just as being a volunteer had but I really was not prepared for the volume of work and learning that confronted me to do the job properly and well.

How do you avoid the pitfall? The self serving part is easy – stick to a set of principles every time. Smaller government, fewer regulations and respect for people and property have served me well. I guess I should say respect for people who show they deserve it – there are always going to be people who don’t.

The “will of the public” is another matter. There are five sides to almost every issue. Some people want to walk their dog, others don’t like dogs. Some want to swim, some want to windsurf. Some people want a road paved while their neighbours see that turning a quiet road into a speedway. Which will of which public?

Maybe the doctors have it right ¨First do no harm¨  – then go back to your principles.

2. Many believe that Council improperly discusses issues in camera that should be aired in a public forum. If an issue arises in an in-camera meeting that you think should be discussed in open forum, what would you do?


(2) Many are wrong! There are strict rules as to what is discussed in a Closed Session.

It is the clerk’s job to see the rules are followed and the opinion of a council member does not override the regulations. There have been a number of occasions when the clerk stopped the discussion during a Closed Session to inform council they must reconvene to open because they had strayed from the Closed agenda.

3. Do you have any objections to being video and/or audio recorded during Council meetings?

(3) I personally have no objections but I can tell you that video streaming, and to some degree audio recording, present an opportunity to grandstand for an audience that is disruptive to getting the job done. There have also been cases reported in other municipalities that do stream where members have remained silent rather than speak their mind freely on a sensitive topic.

4. It often appears that administrative staff lead Council, rather than the other way around. Do you agree that staff and planners should function at Council’s behest since it is Council that is elected to represent the views and concerns of the community?

(4) I see why some people might take a snapshot view of a meeting and believe staff are leading. Staff react to council requests or resolutions, sometimes from a previous meeting, bring forward a report and council decides.

During my term I have seen no true evidence of staff leading council other than when staff encounters a procedural anomaly or conflict and presents a report asking for council to correct it. That isn’t leading, it’s good staff work.

In some cases staff will take initiative and bring a report to council they feel is worthy of consideration such as the need to vary from a budgeted workplan because conditions have changed but council makes the decision

Staff can not make policy since they don’t vote and anyone who feels council follows staff recommendations blindly has never watched the current council in action!

5. Do you, or any family member, have a pecuniary and/or working interest in any industrial energy project within the Municipality, outside the Municipality, outside the Province, or outside Canada? If so, please elaborate. If not, would you ever consider becoming a stakeholder in a large-scale energy project if the opportunity presented itself?


(5) No to part 1.

As for part 2, speculating on a future opportunity is pointless but I seriously doubt one that would interest me will present itself. Green energy is the only kind being pushed in this Province and I don’t support any energy source that requires subsidies to support purchase, installation and operation.











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