The Martian Speaks Again…


When Senator Joe McCarthy held the communist witch hunt hearings in the U.S. in the 1950s broadcaster Edward R. Murrow informed the public about the nonsense and that was the end of Joe McCarthy.

Walter Cronkite had an opinion on the Vietnam War, made it known to the public and that was the end of the fighting.

Does anyone remember Paul Harvey closing his broadcasts with “And now you know the rest of the story”?

Woodward, Bernstein and Nixon are names forever united in journalism history.

Investigative reporters made Mike Duffy a household name with their reporting on the disgraceful senate spending scandals.

Without media informing the people, would anyone know about the shameful, multi-million dollar gas plant closings by the Ontario Liberals?


A well informed public is the best, perhaps the only defense against a government that overreaches its authority, engages in shady dealings or otherwise screws the pooch.

Why then has no one in any local media followed the story of a councilor in South Bruce Peninsula challenging the election of the Deputy Mayor?

Tips to broadcasters produced nothing. Information provided to print media has resulted in one story that, while it did detail many of the previous legal challenges issued by this same councilor, only scratched the surface of the latest one.


Unless you happen to be one of the few “in the know”, have heard the rumors or read the heading of Item 4.3 of the Feb. 3rd council agenda dealing with –“(Invalidation of the 2014 Municipal Elections for the Office of Deputy Mayor)” you would have no idea of the whole truth of what’s going on even if you read the papers every day or faithfully listen to local radio.


In the day of the 24hr. news cycle, exploding social media, bloggers on every corner, how can people be virtually kept in the dark about something that affects their lives their pocketbooks and even more important their vote?


Is the 15 second soundbite, the 140 character tweet, the need to write the story to please the lawyer so you don’t get sued, to be the new standard in journalism and public information? Have seekers of truth, purveyors of the whole story, those past giants of the media been replaced with pale imitations in understaffed and poorly budgeted newsrooms whose job is to fill 92 or 106 seconds of airtime?


Walter, Paul and Edward R. must be spinning in their graves!

The Martian

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