A Martian Comeback!

The question was: “how can people be virtually kept in the dark about something that affects their lives their pocketbooks and even more important their vote?”

Not one person who cares enough to comment!

Not one person pissed off at press indifference.

Not one “how do we find out more?”

Not one suggestion as to what we do about it!


The answer, as they say, is self-evident.


Mayor Janice Jackson, in dismissing as “of little consequence” the challenge to the election of her Deputy Mayor, the ability and judgment of her Clerk/Election returning officer and the legal bill to her taxpayers, seems to have read the mood of the public perfectly – they don’t give a damn when someone bends them over!

Congratulations Miz Mayor you really are, as you claim, “All about the people”!


Is everyone out there smoking so much dope that you’ve become one? Please, switch to cigarettes – they do only slightly more damage to your lungs and usually allow you to stay aware long enough to realize you’re getting screwed



  1. Miz Mayor, I hear that Councilor Craig and Councilor Ana were spotted at your place in Owen Sound. HMMMMMM

I may be naïve but if the report is true, I have faith that you were getting together to bake cookies. (Ana brought the windmill cookie cutter and Craig brought the nuts)

Only someone who subscribes to conspiracy theories would suggest you got together for a “special council meeting” in violation of the Municipal Act.

Maybe get Craig to wipe his pocket recorder for that day – just in case the Ombudsman comes a calling – we know the press won’t.


the Martian

9 thoughts on “A Martian Comeback!

  1. thewackyone says:

    and the whine continues…….

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      For a few years now we’ve listened to your whine.
      You proved over and over how “whacky” you are on every topic you touch, this latest being that you characterize someone trying to find answers as a “whiner”.
      While I admire your tenacity and your incredible ability to remain uninformed and less than clever, I still question why you don’t understand the consequences of someone wanting to overturn a democratic vote – and the press, for the most part, ignores it!
      Could it really be as simple as wacky + tabbacy = dope?

  2. yabder4 says:

    The Feb 11 post had 8 questions, the Feb 12 post had 6 questions, but I can’t find the question you posted at the top of this one. That’s a lot of questions. I’ll answer one from the past post:

    Does anyone remember Paul Harvey closing his broadcasts with “And now you know the rest of the story”?

    Yes, I do. What’s the rest of this story? (sorry, but another question)

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      The rest of this story has yet to be written.
      It may become a Tragedy instead of the Comedy it is now.

      You might wake up one day and find it costs $25 to park at your beach because of the need to make a profit on parking. (Craig’s words not mine)
      The need for the profit is not to build more washrooms but to pay off the cost of the parking machines. Hardly anyone uses them because the S.O.N. who were successful in court now own the beach outright and let people park on the sand for $15.
      There might be a TSBP Police Officer writing you a $50 ticket north of 6th St. since the ticket spitter you parked near is out of service because someone filled it with sand the night before.

      The reason it’s a TSBP cop is that Miz Mayor believes that the best way to control costs is to build a TSBP police force from the ground up and fire the OPP.
      I can’t think of anything this town needs less than a private police force made up of rejects from other departments each with a Glock 9mil. semi-auto and a nightstick enforcing the private agenda of Janice and Craig!
      Can’t happen you say? Look at the current members of the Police Services Board!

      Of course this story could turn into a Romance if enough people care enough to “whine” enough to influence the decisions made. My confidence level on that is slowly slipping in spite of Paul Harvey also saying:
      The thing to remember about times like these is that there have always been times like these”

  3. Hey Jim Turner,

    Glad you’re still lying about everything under the sun. How’s the ginseng? Does it really make you stupid, or were you born that way?

    Just in case you haven’t noticed, you LOST the election. As a matter of fact, you got TROUNCED by Gammie. The only real surprise is that there are 1700 people in TSBP who are at least as stupid as you are.

    The people have spoken, and what they are saying, LOUD and CLEAR, is that you don’t speak for them.

    Your council was the clown show. YOU and your bum-buddy Close are responsible for hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars spent on unwinnable lawsuits. YOU are responsible for outing the Lytles; YOU are responsible for the FAILED lawsuits.

    So please, on behalf of the majority of the folks in TSBP, yes, all the folks who DIDN’T buy your ginseng-laced lies, please, STFU.


  4. amartiannamedsmith says:

    Harsh and misguided as ever “Ralph”!
    Just wondering when you stepped up, ran for election and won so you could say: ” on behalf of the majority of the folks in TSBP…..”
    Even Craig has more guts than you do!

    You don’t even reply to the one who posted!
    I won’t speak for the former councilor, I’m sure he’s happy where he is and not part of the comedy.

    I do remember that J. T. never said he spoke for everyone and a competent court decided (14 charges now) that he wasn’t guilty ofanything while the courts told Craig he was wrong about almost everything and made him pay to boot! (or don’t you read the paper)
    You’re starting to sound more like your buddy Craig – “the courts are prejudiced against me, if council didn’t do what they did I wouldn’t have sued them and lost” and worst of all telling voters that he never brought any court actions against the council or the town or anybody while campaigning door to door.
    If that’s what you believe is the best way to “win” by a couple of hundred votes …..
    Your math is a little suspect too wonderwhereyourhead’s@ralph.
    Not one council candidate got a majority of even the 53% who voted.

    Sounds more to me like people couldn’t make up their minds!

    Why don’t you deal with the question I posted and stop changing the subject?

    • amartiannamedsmith says:

      Hey Ralph Boston,

      Speaking of changing the subject, the only @ralph_boston twitter account currently active, and you claim to be him, (you wouldn’t post with some poor innocent person’s name – would you?) contains some wild and crazy subject matter.
      Love the retweets like ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAH MAHA BESAR !
      Isn’t all capitals considered shouting?
      Who would shout Allah u Akbar except Arab soccer fans and the odd neck chopper?

      Saya mengklik avatar pada posting Anda dan mengikuti jalan bagi Anda .

      Jadi Allah Maha Besar dan Anda cintai Janice dan Craig .

      Jika Anda benar-benar tahu siapa Mars adalah saya yakin Anda akan mengeluarkan fatwa !

      Retweets menarik yang telah termasuk ” pin ATM ” . Membuat saya bertanya-tanya jika Anda adalah bagian dari miliar dolar penipuan perbankan melalui ATM .

      Saya diteruskan ke CSIS!


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