Mr. Speaker a Point of Order!

A recent comment on this blog from Ralph Boston, attacking Jim Turner, had a few statements in it that were definitely libelous and from my own experiences with Jimmy were untrue and definitely defamatory.

I posted the comment simply because I believe in letting people speak their mind and let the chips fall where they fall, but I do have limits.

I have to protect myself and the owners of this blog, from batshit crazy people who have lost sight of the purpose and intent of this blog and post criminally libelous comments.

I never intended this blog to be anything more than a POLITICAL commentary, a bitchfest about what bad government and the simple serpents do to us. It is a way to get information, both facts and opinions, ON POLITICS to the people, sometimes in words that newspapers won’t allow, and have a little fun doing it. I respect the anonymity of people who post here and expect others to do the same.

 Ralph Boston, your vicious and obscene personal attacks will not in the future, be posted as written and sometimes not at all.  There was no way to edit your latest comment to make it acceptable, I posted it with reluctence. If you want to get even with someone, have the guts to go kick his ass after looking him in the eye. Don’t use me!

 I checked out every post and comment from my friend the Martian and except for when he gives his opinion, every fact is in the public domain. It’s all in newspapers, council recordings, the Walkerton Courthouse or on Google for anyone who looks, including your twitter info.

 I asked the Martian (Not to be confused with Jim Turner) what he thought about your post and he said “It is what it is” and reminded me not to argue with stupid people since you can’t win because they’ve had more practice being stupid.




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