A bird in Hand is Better than two in the Bush!

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!

As Forest Gump would say “Stupid is as Stupid does”

The blind leading the blind in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula maintains their incredible display of incompetence making this community look absolutely stupid in the eyes of the investment community!

The town has yet again insulted yet another investor looking to develop the Airport with a 100 million dollar investment creating over 1,000 jobs.The offer was made and the town didn’t respond!

With unemployment in this area at its highest point in history, real estate prices dropping like a stone, businesses leaving one right after the other you think they might give some thought to responding to an interested party??

 Six years ago the town failed to respond to an offer for the airport for $2,000,000 cash, six years later they don’t respond to a million dollar offer! I have a hard time believing that the elected ones are that irresponsible.

They are now seeking a new manager for the airport. The old one will not continue at $80,000.00 per year plus expenses. HMMMMM! Seems like a fair pay cheque to plow snow and pump gas.

Let me think 800 acres of prime real estate with an airport licence and you are loosing 200 grand a year on it.If we ignore everybody maybe it will go away!!! NOT!

The average house price n Toronto is 1 million dollars, maybe we could trade the airport for two houses What a score!!!

But not to worry Janice has got paid parking back!!! That will save us!! At the very least it otta scare away any tourists that were thinking of coming up this summer!!!

Just think install new ticket dispensers for parking ($18,000 each) at Sauble then hand them over to the Natives when they win the land claim!! There is vision!!!

Would the last one leaving this area please turn out the lights!!!!












6 thoughts on “A bird in Hand is Better than two in the Bush!

  1. 2censworth says:

    If the $1M was a real offer yes we missed the boat. But $100M and 1000 jobs??? Let’s get real.

  2. hrkathryn says:

    I am very reluctant to see the airport actually sold off to a private investor. Other municipalities with small and even medium sized airports have instead opted for long term lease agreements with consortiums that want to operate the airport. One example is the arrangement that Hamilton has with TradePort. While that is a larger concern, the principles of the agreement are relevant. My goal is airport retention for the good of our economy, especially the growing eco-tourism and other tourism initiatives but offloading the operations to an individual like the one that offered to buy the land. Giving up the land seems like a pretty stupid thing to do when there is a better approach used by many municipalities.

    • I do agree with you in pricipal, however, we as a community do not have an airport problem, what we have is a partner problem. The TSBP and Georgian Bluffs own the airpport and they connot agree on anything!
      The Airport itself is operating at a huge loss as a result of indecision.
      The Airport requires substancial repairs that no one want to pay for.
      There is no polictical will to operate the Airport no marketing to attract business to the airport and no money available to do anything with the airport. As appose to letting this valuable asset errode away to nothing we should let free enterprise get the job done!!!


      • hrkathryn says:

        I agree and that is how deals like the TradePort one are structured–the municipalities get out of the way of operations but at a certain level benefit from profit sharing and retain ownership of the long time asset so it cannot be sold off for housing land for example.

      • There is no question retention of the land would be a home run in the long term! However, if the present day owners of the land are not prepared to entertain a spirit of cooperation and refuse to have a common interest in moving forward to their mutual gain, then the errosion of the value is expidited.The land itself is of little value given the regulations of the Conservation Authority, Niagara Escarpement to name but a few. At $300,000 per year to carry plus the lost tax revenue, we as a community cannot carry it, so it is better to have a private interest carry and develop it, this at the very least would generate tax revenue and jobs both of which are desperately need in this community!!

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