Seperation from the Province of Ontario is our only hope!

 Bruce the Blight

Bruce the Blight


Yeah I said it out loud!

We as a community are being systematically raped and pillaged by the Province of Ontario!!

The Province has total control over every facet of our lives and we allow it!

The Province dictates what we can do with our land, lives and our future. This is not what our founding fathers planned with the British North American Act. It flies in the face of Confederation.

Think for a moment, Planning is dictated by Provincial Policy. Highways controlled by faceless bureaucrats in London.What we eat is controlled by people in Toronto.What we pay for electricity again controlled by people in Toronto. What is taught in schools controlled by Provincial Policy. We are regulated to death in this Province by dictators that create regulations that become law without ever seeing the floor of our legislators.

The Province is in the process of selling off our assets to fuel their addiction to spending and regulating. Bob Rae set the course by selling off our Real Estate and mortgaging our future to support his plan and it seems Katherine Wynne is planning the same with Ontario Hydro.

The Province forced the Municipalities to surrender their Crown Patented Rights as Municipal Corporations so they could control the very nature of our life styles.

They have seized control of our Schools, Planning, Parks and scared industry out of our province leaving us totally dependant on their programs for growth and development.

They have made things pro big city and so anti country that our youth must leave to earn a living. This has left us with a very shallow labour pool and little or no industry.

I don’t know about you but I don’t really give a rats ass about what is good for Toronto, I came to this part of the country to get away from city lifestyle.

The Province of Toronto , I mean Ontario, is a have not Province! Ontario was once the leader of this Country! Today we live to serve the paper gods of Toronto.

Our Lesbian Premier is nothing more than a socialist fascist. The Liberals have become the puppets for the freeloaders of this Province. The Simple serpents are driving the bus with her blessings.

Our roads are bad, our taxes too high and our services declining. The corruption is rampant the Gas affair, Ontario hydro billing fiasco, now the OPP Union is being investigated for Offshore Banking etc.

The RCMP is alleging top brass of the Ontario Provincial Police union participated in a sophisticated financial scheme involving a travel company, a consulting firm and high-risk offshore investments, “to profit and deceive” their members, putting their union in peril.

Among the alleged investments: two backside condos in the Bahamas, one valued at $1.5 million, and $100,000 in union money wired to an income fund in the Cayman Islands.

Just one example of many showing your tax dollars ar work.

The Province used deceit to create the municipal amalgamation scheme. In doing so the Province forced amalgamation on all communities creating new Provincial Corporations which are totally controlled by the Province versus what we had, that being Crown Patent Corporations having equal power with the Province. The end result being that Municipal Corporations are totally subject to Provincial Policy not local need.

The Province implemented the Master Zoning Plan for the Province by refusing to pay out Federal transfer Payments to the municipalities, if the Municipality did not conform to the Provincial planning Policy.

 I is abundantly clear that the Province through the infamous Green Energy Act is committed to Agenda 21 mandate as proclaimed by the United Nations. This is a path that is fatal to rural lifestyle.
The actions of the Province circumvent British Common Law and creates Provincial supremacy via regulation, which flies in the face of the BNA Act Section 109.

Viva Rural Ontario Liberal!!!






Indecision May or May not Be Our Problem!

 Bruce the Blight

Bruce the Blight

Wow!! Yet again we send a message to the Investment world that this town is not open for business!

Have you been to Foodland lately if not take a canoe! The roof is leaking so bad that you play dodge the bucket when trying to navigate the rapids in the freezer section!

Foodland has been trying for the last five years to build a new store next to Tim Hortons only to be met with objections and red tape! What is the matter with you people!!!

A thirty thousand square foot store would create jobs, tax revenue and oh yeah variety!! The new store is being cited as the cause for reduced property values as one of the major complaints! Wow there is a thought!!

The area the proposed store is in features a bunch of old houses that have long outlived their economic life in the first place. There is no value there! Your position in that regard does more to devalue property in all of the town as you are killing new investment in the community and telling the world that you are in fact a bunch of hillbillies that doesn’t give a damn about the future of this community let alone the needs of the community! It proves that your only concern is your pocket-book as you may or may not be able to sell you worn out shack to some sucker that cannot afford anything else!!

The other issue proclaimed is traffic problems!! Oh Gee I guess you have never been outside your shack in the summer. We already have traffic problems beating down the lineup at Timmy’s every morning let alone in the summer when the citiots arrive. Have you never tried to shop at Foodland in the summer? Oh wait I bet you go to Owen Sound to shop at NoFrills to save 15 cents on a loaf of bread!!!

When you succeed in pissing away yet another opportunity for growth and investment in our community and you find that you now have to go to Owen Sound for groceries you will be whining that there is no growth here.

When you see other businesses leave town because of the NYBY attitude and there are no services available because of a declining tax base which will really reduce property value who will you blame then!!

No Job, no Airport, no grocery store, no future!!! Get a grip you bunch of Hicks!!!











A bird in Hand is Better than two in the Bush!

Bruce the Blight!!

Bruce the Blight!!

As Forest Gump would say “Stupid is as Stupid does”

The blind leading the blind in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula maintains their incredible display of incompetence making this community look absolutely stupid in the eyes of the investment community!

The town has yet again insulted yet another investor looking to develop the Airport with a 100 million dollar investment creating over 1,000 jobs.The offer was made and the town didn’t respond!

With unemployment in this area at its highest point in history, real estate prices dropping like a stone, businesses leaving one right after the other you think they might give some thought to responding to an interested party??

 Six years ago the town failed to respond to an offer for the airport for $2,000,000 cash, six years later they don’t respond to a million dollar offer! I have a hard time believing that the elected ones are that irresponsible.

They are now seeking a new manager for the airport. The old one will not continue at $80,000.00 per year plus expenses. HMMMMM! Seems like a fair pay cheque to plow snow and pump gas.

Let me think 800 acres of prime real estate with an airport licence and you are loosing 200 grand a year on it.If we ignore everybody maybe it will go away!!! NOT!

The average house price n Toronto is 1 million dollars, maybe we could trade the airport for two houses What a score!!!

But not to worry Janice has got paid parking back!!! That will save us!! At the very least it otta scare away any tourists that were thinking of coming up this summer!!!

Just think install new ticket dispensers for parking ($18,000 each) at Sauble then hand them over to the Natives when they win the land claim!! There is vision!!!

Would the last one leaving this area please turn out the lights!!!!











A Martian Comeback!

The question was: “how can people be virtually kept in the dark about something that affects their lives their pocketbooks and even more important their vote?”

Not one person who cares enough to comment!

Not one person pissed off at press indifference.

Not one “how do we find out more?”

Not one suggestion as to what we do about it!


The answer, as they say, is self-evident.


Mayor Janice Jackson, in dismissing as “of little consequence” the challenge to the election of her Deputy Mayor, the ability and judgment of her Clerk/Election returning officer and the legal bill to her taxpayers, seems to have read the mood of the public perfectly – they don’t give a damn when someone bends them over!

Congratulations Miz Mayor you really are, as you claim, “All about the people”!


Is everyone out there smoking so much dope that you’ve become one? Please, switch to cigarettes – they do only slightly more damage to your lungs and usually allow you to stay aware long enough to realize you’re getting screwed



  1. Miz Mayor, I hear that Councilor Craig and Councilor Ana were spotted at your place in Owen Sound. HMMMMMM

I may be naïve but if the report is true, I have faith that you were getting together to bake cookies. (Ana brought the windmill cookie cutter and Craig brought the nuts)

Only someone who subscribes to conspiracy theories would suggest you got together for a “special council meeting” in violation of the Municipal Act.

Maybe get Craig to wipe his pocket recorder for that day – just in case the Ombudsman comes a calling – we know the press won’t.


the Martian

Marilyn Bowman Responds to Yabder4 Questions!

Thank you Marilyn!

I have to give Marilyn Bowman credit she deserves!

She answered the questions posed quickly, sincerely and  I believe honestly!

Thank you Marilyn!!!!

I believe Marilyn Bowman takes her position very seriously and responsibly to her credit. Albeit I do not agree with her answers on the last set of questions, she is doing what thinks is best for the community.

With a little guidance I think she has hope!

Talk to her and get a clearer picture of what she is about.

      1. Some people seek political office today to pursue self-serving agendas that fail to reflect the will of the public. If you are elected, how will you avoid this pitfall and advocate            for  the well being of all your constituents?


I have no agenda other than to ensure all tax dollars are spent wisely, frugally and only where necessary keeping in mind future plans and putting monies into reserves to cover future requirements. I will also encourage Council to form committees to adress ongoing concerns of the residents through focus group, public consulation and community steering committes to ensure the Strategic plan is current and meets the needs of all residents.

  1. Many believe that Council improperly discusses issues in camera that should be aired in a public forum. If an issue arises in an in-camera meeting that you think should be discussed in open forum, what would you do?

I will continue to do what I have always done. Question why an item is being discussed in closed, ask for information to brought out of closed and ensure conversations when in closed only pertain to the matter at hand. On numerous occassions Council has brought matters out of closed once the reason for it being in closed is resolved.

  1. Do you have any objections to being video and/or audio recorded during Council meetings?

Council is already recorded by audio and is available on the TSBP website at . I have no problem with this at all. I have no problem with video being taken however the upgrade to the website to handle that much data is very costly and for this reason I can not support until a less expensive alternative is found. 

  1. It often appears that administrative staff lead Council, rather than the other way around. Do you agree that staff and planners should function at Council’s behest since it is Council that is elected to represent the views and concerns of the community?

Our administrative staff take their direction from Council. If changes are required it is up to Council or staff to bring forward the request in the form of a report to Council. All policies and by-laws are followed by staff and when an occurance happens that is in a “grey area” then staff will bring a report forth to council for clarification. In the four years I have been on Council I can only cite two instances when policy was not followed. This resulted in disciplinary action and corrective steps put in place. If a councillor does their due dillegence and ensures understanding of policy changes being brought forward then the correct changes are approved by Council. Staff takes their direction from Council not the other way around.

  1. Do you, or any family member, have a pecuniary and/or working interest in any industrial energy project within the Municipality, outside the Municipality, outside the Province, or outside Canada? If so, please elaborate. If not, would you ever consider becoming a stakeholder in a large-scale energy project if the opportunity presented itself?

To my knowledge the only person that I am related to (by marriage) is a nephew who owns a solar energy company out of Orangeville. I am retired from professional life and at this time have no desire to reenter the workforce. I own a few shares in Enbridge which could be considered a conflict, however if that ever becomes a issue I will divest.

Great Job Marilyn!!!



Marilyn Bowman Provided her Answers This Morning!


Thank you Marilyn Bowman!

Marilyn Bowman

Attachments12:43 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

Thank you for the opportunity to give you my thoughts. Please see attached document.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

Marilyn Bowman

Are you prepared to sign and honour the Oath of office and the Oath of Allegiance


Yes I will as I see the Oath of office as a reminder that it is my responsibility to act ethically and recognize that I am holding a position of trust.

The Oath of Allegiance makes one aware that the Monarchy governs Canada according to Canada’s laws and customs.

 Is it your position that Provincial Regulations pertaining to property use are binding on Private Property?

That question is beyond my experience and learnings. I would refer you to your MPP.


Is it your position that Municipal By-Laws are enforceable on private Property?



Some of the most common situations that I support deal with are fences, property standards, signs, sidewalk snow removal, construction noise, loud music that disturbs the neighborhood loud parties that disturb the neighborhood, barking dogs, illegal suites or apartments, sheds and other buildings too close to the property line, operating an illegal business from a home, garbage and debris, old and/or wrecked vehicle(s), overgrown vegetation or noxious weeds and fireworks

That said I would prefer to see the owner simply talked to in order to obtain voluntary compliance before proceeding to imparting a fine.

What is your economic Recovery Plan for this Community?

  • A Finance Department and Council that is fiscally accountable and responsible. This includes a decision on whether to sell the Wiarton Kepple airport.
  • Community acceptable taxes through detailed analysis of all department expenses
  • Integrity in all aspects of Council and the Town
  • Environmental Preservation through initiatives that reflect continued involvement and support of existing environment initiatives including: Sauble Beach’s Blue Flag designation; the protection of the endangered piping plover; sand dune preservation; and phragmites abatement. Protection of waterfront resources including the Great Lakes shorelines and inland rivers. Continuation of the Septic Inspection Program
  • An updated infrastructure priority plan assuring that the roads needs and asset management plan are adhered to diligently. A Landfill Site that is funded for expansion and every opportunity taken to realize a significant increase in recycling
  • An Economic Development Office that Provides reliable research, Targets workforce opportunities, identifies key workforce skills and promotes skills development. Monitors current businesses to ensure retention and assist developers and entrepreneurs with expansion opportunities. Recognize and support a need to grow into a four season tourism economy including a safe and healthy Sauble Beach with free public access.
  • A Growth Strategy that includes assisting developers to recognize the dire need for affordable senior’s housing, condo developments and apartments. However fair Development Charges to offset the cost of environmental studies and infrastructure requirements must be recognized.
  • Initiatives developed to provide a diversity of activities as well as a need to offer expanded educational, recreational and employment resources to our youth and aging population.
  • Affordable Water and Sewer
  • High Speed Internet available to all
  • The importance of Heritage and Culture of the area embraced


Has any compensation been paid to anyone including the TSBP for the expropriation of Highway #6 in 1965?

Not to my knowledge

How do you intend to reunite the Communities within the Town of South Bruce Peninsula?

By ensuring that the Strategic Plan is current and encourages public participation including an improved plan to communicate and link with the citizens though Community Steering Committees.